Peintre, Art graphique


Bozorgmehr HOSSEINPOUR a commencé le dessin et la peinture des son enfance. Il a fait ses études en art en Iran son pays natale.

Il est auteur de 14 livres (bands dessinés le plus part). Il expose ses œuvres régulièrement en Europe….

ART graduated, Bozorgmehr Hossain pour started painting when he was five years old and in kindergarten.

While in school he participated in a national painting competition organized by the Ministry of Education. He received the first prize every year. The organizers asked him not to participate anymore. He studied graphic art in high school at the same time he started collaborating (drawing) professionally with local newspapers and weeklies. Ministry of Culture selected him as the best journalistic cartoonist when he was 20 years old.

Le Monde web site has selected Bozorgmahr’s cartoons. Cagle Cartoons, Inc, selected four of Bozorgmehr’s cartoons and invited him for international collaboration.

He is the author and publisher of 14 books mainly comic strips and cartoon drawings.